An intimate 5 week virtual adventure for visionaries, healers and woman entrepreneurs who are ready to get noticed, be seen and get paid well for the transformational work they do.

Isn't it time you figured out the 

REAL reason you're on this planet and started living the life you say you want?

Isn't it time you figured out the 

REAL reason you're on this planet and started living the life you say you want?


You’re an incredible nurturer and have a huge compassionate heart for others. When it comes to helping people you experience a natural high you can't explain but....

You're starting to feel frustrated, depleted and exhausted. Something that feels so good spiritually has left you barely surviving financially.  

You’re craving connection and to find a tribe that truly “gets you”, supports you and wants to pay for your services! 

The things that used to light you up aren’t working like they used to or possibly they still do only you haven’t quiet given yourself permission to do them because you're to "busy".  And now, it's like you’ve lost a touch with yourself.

You know you were put here for something bigger. But exactly what that is exactly, seems a little fuzzy right now. 

You've invested (a lot). Done all the "right" things. Poured your heart and soul into making "it" happen and still you're no where near you know you should be.

You’re standing on top of the tallest mountain you’ve ever been on with with your arms held wide looking out to the most majestic and expansive view before you. 

You feel the slight breeze that gently blows your hair across your face.

The sun warming your skin. 

You have absolute certainty that you are exactly where you're supposed to be and nothing else matters except what really matters.

You don't have to climb a mountain to have that experience. 

You’re feeling absolutely secure and grounded in your true calling and the road ahead no longer feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle.

You’re mind is free, and clear.

Everything about your life feels exciting... Exhilarating... Expansive. Like anything is possible!

You're living a life adventure designed by your rules and making decisions based on your highest passions, values and desires.

You're creating a movement with your message and you're even getting fabulously paid for it.


What if you had your very own treasure map that guided you to towards everyday adventures, your dreamy clients, infinite  abundance and soul connected relationships?

What if ease was your employer?



What would that look life for you professionally?

How would that affect your bank account?

What impact would it have on your relationships with friends, family and clients?

You could spend another 6 weeks, 6 months even 6 years figuring shit out.

You could purchase another coaching program or formula to give you the "How To's"

But WITHOUT clarity, WITHOUT deep self connection.... WITHOUT true embodiment of your message... You'll never completely have your version of success, happiness and deep fulfillment that you crave.

What If You Had The Tools To Help You Create An Unshakable Foundation Of Clarity, Confidence and Self Connection With Your True Soul's Calling.

Because Let's be Honest...

Life it happening now. You shouldn’t have to settle for plan B.


Carolyn took me from a place of confusion that I didn’t even realize I was in to embrace a shift in business that was the very reason why I started it.  

I don’t even think I can truly express the number of OMGs and AHA moments I received during and after my call with Carolyn.  I was blessed to spend a short period of time with her in January 2016.  Working with her helped me realize a forgotten mission.  Being able to tap into that space has truly helped me find an unexpected growth in business and make a major shift in how I think about my business.

Carolyn I am so grateful to you and your gifts.  Thank you for showing me how to tap into self, respect my talents and being okay to bust my own bubble!  

 Kim Carter

Hey I’m Carolyn, Your Clarity Specialist and True Purpose Coach. I’m also a total adventure junkie that believes in a world of simplicity, truth and freedom.

I’m on a mission to help others feel alive and connected to the truth of who they are.

I’ve helped hundreds of healers, visionaries and coaches who were done wasting their precious time living a life by someone else’s rules, ditch the uncertainty and fear to finally figure out the real reason they're on the planet so they can live their life adventure their way.

But it wasn’t always like that.  

Not to long ago, I remember falling to my knees on what seemed like a daily bases.  

I wished I was could give up on my vision, my dream and just be normal. 

I wanted to ignore that ache within me that knew I had something more to give.  

But I couldn’t. 

No matter how hard I tried to ignore it, I couldn’t make that feeling go away. I couldn’t shut up that voice that wanted to be heard.

So I worked harder. Hired more coaches. Followed more mentors. Put myself out there more, even when I didn’t feel like showing up.

My approach was all wrong.

My problem…you know, the one where you-hustle-harder-and-do-more approach left me depleted, disconnected and tuned out. It looked like everything was great on the outside but on the inside I was depressed, unclear, angry and confused. I was caught in a tornado of emotions. One day I’d feel on top of the world and the next I'd cry and cry and cry. Wondering what the hell was wrong with me. What the hell was my real purpose here on this planet.

I was definitely not in alignment and I was definitely not living "the dream."

It wasn’t until I took the time to truly get honest with myself and my REAL vision. Not the one that I thought I wanted or the one that I saw other people having. 

I had to stop trying so hard and get clear on my true divine purpose on this planet. And figure out how to let my business fit into my life, not fit my life into my business. 

I’m here to help you do the do the same.

That's Why I Created The....

An intimate 5 week virtual adventure for visionaries, healers and woman entrepreneurs who are ready to get noticed, be seen and get paid well for the transformational work they do.

The Movement Maker

This Is NOT just Another Program.

The Movement Maker Is The Only Foundational Course You Need To Awaken Your Deep Soul's Calling, Get Crystal Clear On Your Vision And Actually Design The Life Your Say You Want. 

When Your Head Hits The Pillow At Night You'll Rest Easy Knowing yYou Showed Up EXACTLY As You Were Here To. 

  • Get clear on your core fears and beliefs so you can declutter the mind, release the self-doubt, judgment, and comparisonities and say goodbye to them for good.  No more of this crap resurfacing two weeks later. You’ll no longer feel like your spinning your wheels and be able to boldly take action with certainty, clarity, and ease.
  • Learn how to awaken your 7 energy major points in your body which are the architecture of the human soul and your personal own manifestation map.

  • Develop your personal freedom treasure map to guide you through 2017 and beyond.




  • Discover how to capitalize on your unique story, passions and gifts so you finally unlock your true calling and create a legacy in this world. 
  • Develop a your personal true calling statement that will naturally bring your actions into alignment with your core values, beliefs and dreams. (I’ve witness women go from $0 to 5 figure months with just this statement alone)




  • Learn how to integrate and be unapologetic about not only the happy, ambitious, and dreamer side of you but also the complex, dynamic, not so pretty side so you create a deeper level of fulfillment and success simply by accepting all of you.

  • Discover why overwhelm is really caused and how to Break Free from it forever! 

  • Find out how you're wasting your precious energy to hidden leaks and limited thinking so you can create a boundaries that actually serve you and stick to them. 
  • Learn how to tell your story in a way that immediately allows you to connect and attract your tribe so they instantly want to work with you.




  • No more hustling the hard way. Learn to take action the feminine way and create on purpose using your 7 energy points called the chakras.
  • You’ll know how to identify your ego and tap into the power of your intuition on demand to confidently and quickly make decisions even when you're faced with uncertainty and doubt.




  • Craft the perfect message that attracts your dreamy clients with ease for profit.
  • Identify what sets you apart form the sea of coaches out there and master your message with ease and certainty.’ 
  • Get laser clarity around your target market and begin to attract them with ease and certainty.  
  • Learn how to tell your story in a way that immediately allows you to connect and attract your tribe so they instantly want to work with you.





Holy shit Carolyn!! (in a good way!) Scuse ma french but I am seriously blown away. You don’t read minds, you read and nurture souls – I have never ‘met’ anyone like you ever!

There is nobody else I’d rather work with nor be able to be this open with. Working with you and your energy healing is like working with a friend who knows everything without me having to explain it all. You have no ego, no agenda, which makes me feel safe and confident you’ve got my best interests at heart.

Natasha Smith Ferrell


6x 1:1 Group Lessons On Awakening Your Divine Calling + Living Life On Purpose

Starts Tuesday Jan 3. @ 2:00pm EST

4x Q&A Group Calls 
Fridays @ 12:00pm EST

Welcome Packet 

 You transformation starts as soon as you say YES.

Materials and Workbook For Each Module

3x 1:1 Block Busting & Soul Purpose Coaching Sessions

We'll dissolve energy blocks that you've been holding onto for years. Plus, dive deeper together to promote the natural balance between mind, body and spirit. ($1000)

Private Email Support

You'll have my support through email for 5 weeks. If the limiting thinking, fears or questions arise, I got you, girl. Simply send me an email and we'll hash it out together. (Priceless)

Customized Intention Necklace + Healing.

Each Crystal Is Cleansed In The Full Moon Energy And Handmade With Love. I Bless Each Stone With Reiki Energy of Love, Light and Expansion. Plus, infused with your personal intention. The Necklace Is A living Walking Healing entity. ($55 value)

Your Private FB playground 

 You'll have my 1:1 support. I'll be popping in there everyday to answer your questions. 

Plus, I'll be sharing bonus trainings to support you in creating an unshakable foundation of clarity, confidence a self-connection. (priceless)

A Vault Of Guided Meditations + Intuitive Exercises 

You'll be able to find a guided meditation for everything including discovering your true gifts, developing your programs, talking to your future self, an abundance prayer, unleashing authentic self, gratitude & manifesting etc... 
With this vault you'll be able to tap into the power of your intuition on demand. ($97 value)

1 Virtual New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony (December 29th)

Start the new year off with right! This is a full 90 mins to say goodbye to 2016 in a very sacred way plus activate the untamed wild woman with in for 2017. You'll set intentions, release fears and dump anything that isn't serving you. This is also a chance to be supported by me as well as your fellow sisters. ($97 value)






"Virtual Adventure"

5 week group

"Accelerator" (*5 spots ONLY)

5 week group + 3x 40 min 1:1 calls 



When Michelle discovered her true calling everything changed.
Life started to flow. She started attracting opportunities, relationships and clients that were aligned with her. Things that triggered her and kept her from being seen in the past are no longer are an issue.

Kristy was feeling depleted, lost and questioning who she even was anymore.
After working together she's discovered her soul's true mission and is deeply connected to the influence she desires to make in this world. Everything has changed for her. Her fear no longer keeps her stuck, it's now her motivation. 


I Promise... 

To push you to expand beyond the barriers of what you thought was possible and get paid well for the gifts that come so naturally for you.

I Promise...

To inspire you to unleash a magnetic confidence that attracts your dream clients, soul relationships and magical opportunities ignite your untamed spirit within.  

I Promise... 

To open you up so you finally put yourself out there and become known for the incredible work that you do.

I Promise...

To be vulnerable with you and share my personal failures, mishaps and fears before they lead to great success.

I Promise... 

To give you the tools to create a movement with your message so that you attract people you love to work with.

"Live Virtual Adventure"

5 week group

"Accelerator" (*5 spots ONLY)

5 week group + 3x 40 min 1:1 calls 



I felt drawn to the energy and decided you had some things I needed to learn. I wanted to clear some of the remaining demons in my life as well as gain powerful information as to how to format my business, ideas and gifts to move forward. And you definitely delivered.

I was amazed how easy it was to talk and share with you and to get into the meditations we did.

You have given me the courage to take the risk of moving forward with my passions. I feel deep felt sense of purpose. It has been scary and exciting. I have both felt and seen things start changing in positive and healthy directions. I started to believe in me and my ability/gift to create an income doing this work.

You are real and down to earth and not afraid to share your own experiences. You are attentive in sessions and honest about when you might not feel on top of your own game and are willing to make adjustments to make it “right.” You love what you do and can feel your desire to assist others to their higher selves.

Jennifer Saunders

This isn’t a quick fix. 

You have to be committed to you.

You have to be committed to your vision.

You have to quit letting your bullshit be bigger than your dreams and know with absolute conviction that you have it within you. 

The Visionary - Who's always felt called to make an impact but a might be caught in a little hazy cloud of uncertainty right now.

The Brave Hearted Woman
- Who’s not afraid of pushing herself outside the uncomfortableness of her comfort zone, because she knows life is about an claiming an adventure on her terms and will no longer settle for less than she deserves. 

The Questioner & Doubter - Who needs a little loving reminder of her greatness and knows she'll continue to struggle, feel broke and broken until she fully owns her awesome. 

The Rebel With A Cause. - Who always felt far more natural to go against the stereo typical way of doing things. The woman who dares to be disliked in service to her mission, message or cause in order to live a life aligned by her values, beliefs and dreams.

The Healer - Who's an incredible nurturer and has a huge compassionate heart for others and when it comes to helping others she experiences a natural high she can't explain but haven't yet be able to get paid. Possibly, she can't clearly express how awesome the work she does is or take credit for it.

The Seeker - Who's tired of doing all this spiritual work and going broke because she's still unclear about why she's really on this planet. 

The Mover and The Shaker. - Who's loves to have fun and likes to be challenged, pushed and inspired to stand in her power and become magnetic to her dream clients, soul connected relationships and the money she deserves.

The Explorer. - Who knows that the wisdom of her soul lies within and mastering the inner game is the only way to play a HUGE outer game. 

The Rule Breaker. - Who takes charge of her destiny and will challenge mainstream rules when it conflicts her well being.

The Renegade Soul - Who's tired of living in the “should’s”, the “what if’s” and the “one days” and is so f%cking ready to make her life happen for her instead of always chasing it.

Is that you? Time to claim the life you say you want in The Movement Maker!

This Experience Is Perfect For...

But Let's Get One Thing Straight...

I don't even know how to put it to words I have so many. But I would say....I feel really ready without a question to be able to stand in my power. I know exactly who I want to help. I know that I'm enough and I feel like I'm enough for this new adventure. And THAT'S A BIG DEAL

Keri Gavin

"Virtual Adventure"

5 week group

"Accelerator" (*5 spots ONLY)

5 week group + 3x 40 min 1:1 calls